800D (Stock Case) 5.25" Bay Side Cover Rev. 2 (Open Frame)

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*** These very popular parts have been changed a bit. The Stock Case versions are meant to be used with Stock midplate and Stock Motherboard tray and since the old midplate covers were discontinued, these new versions needed an extra 3mm at the bottom to rest on the midplate for no gaps. ***


Side Cover for your 5.25" bays. A very good replacement for the stock plastic lid covering the 140mm fan cooling the hot-swap system. This plate also has a rim for it in several colors (sold separately) to match the rest of your cases color theme. it will cover the bays all the way up to the side panel retention mechanism.


Package includes a fan support (a piece of plexi you tighten over the fan to support the panel) black countersunk screws and an hexx key.


Assembly Instructions:

First you need to fix the suport of the side cover. to fix it, you simply need to unscrew the 4 screws of the 140mm fan and use them to fix the support together with the fan, using holes marked as "A". 

Finally Fix the Side panel using M3x6 countsunk screws on the four holes marked as "B"


*Please note that this plate by itself will not completely cover the 5.25" bays. You will also require the Back Cover as well for full coverage.

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