Enthoo Primo Backplate (Fan Cut-out)

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A lot of you don't really like how Phantek made the back of the case. All those holes are a dust trap, but now it's possible to cover the back to get a smoother finish from top to bottom.


This Backplate cover has an opening for fan a 120/140mm fan. This version is made for people who still want a fan on the back.


Installation advice: Tilt the backplate slightly with the top part touchin the back corner of the case. and the bottom closer to the front of the case. once you insert the backplate and it touches the top of the case, simply slide the bottom back. finish the installation by securing the backplate with the provided countersunk washers and M3x8 Countersunk screws.


Made with 3mm matt black plexi.


Package includes: Backplate, screws, washers and hexx key.

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