Enzotech Barb Fitting 1/2" - Silver Nickel

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These are probably the best barb fittings in the world. They have great quality, funcionality and the best price for a product of this quality. These are very uniform and shinny nickel plated Fittings.

Regarding funcionality, these are also the most versatile connectors you can find. The G1/4" thread part uses a "step" for its o-ring allowing these CF's to Enter o-ring groves (Like in some swiftech Cpu waterblocks) or thread chamfers. The Result is a 100% guarenteed seal, something that doesn't happen with other brands.

The G1/4" thread is 5,5mm long, longer than others on the market, making them safer to use with plexi or acetal top waterblocks, because the tightening force will be distributed on more thread lenght.

Finally these fittings are also much cheaper than equivalent alternatives.

(Individually Sealed to protect from damage during shipping)

Tube Compatibility: 1/2" or 13mm ID Tubing.

*Price per Fitting.

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