Connection cables Vandal Res. Switches - Screw Type

2,50 €

Wired Connections for your vandal resistant Switches.


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All the Cables of this kind i've seen on the market are usually too expensive to justify it's use. With this in mind, we've created a product that is worth every cent it costs. If you have the tools you can always make your own connections with the right size for you, but for everyone else, this will come in handy, and more than pays for itself, just for the time you'd need to make them alone.

- Cable Lenght: 75cm

- Different Connectors available (if you prefer, we can make them with 1x02 or even 1x03 pin connectors, for no extra charge)

- 4 Pieces of Heatshrink included. (2cm each)

This version is for Vandal Resistant Switches with Screw connections.


*Price Per one set of 4 cables

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