We ship orders Worldwide via 3 methods:


1 - Dhl Express

It's one of the best and most reputable shipping companies in the world. Their quality of service and delivery speed is second to none. Their service is may not very cheap, but keep in mind that this is a premium/express service with very low transit times. We can deliver to central Europe in just one business day (overnight delivery) between 1~3 days to the USA and 2~4 days to Australia & New Zealand.

This service has tracking number available.


2 - Registered Mail (New Option)

Much slower than dhl express and sometimes the price is not that much lower than Dhl express, that's why we don't offer it for all parts, because it we consider it would be better to pay a little more to get the orders much faster.

This service has a lower chance of having customs taxes applied to your order, so if you live in a Country with strict customs taxes, you should use this shipping method instead of Dhl Express.

This service has tracking number available.


3 - Regular mail (New Option)

This one is a new service we will offer, and will only be used for very small parts, like M.2 Covers, SSD Covers, Screw packs, Case badges and other very small parts like these. We realise we need to give our customers more choices and this service will give us a lot of flexibility for the cheaper / smaller / lighter parts we didn't have before.

It's supposed to be slightly faster than the Registered mail, because it doesn't have to be status updated at every stage like the registered version does. We've decided to add this version, because some of the parts are so cheap that even Registered Mail shipping costs would be the same price as a part, which would make the purchase un-attractive.

This Service doesn't have tracking number, and will be distributed by regular post services in your Country. It will not require any signature.

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