Hi Everyone,
My Name is Ricardo Gomes (better known arround the world as Patuga or ColdZeroTeam) and i'm the founder/owner of ColdZero.

This Project began in August 2005 and we began by being mostly a watercooling store. A few years latter and after we became leaders in products and solutions in our country, Portugal, we decided to step up our game and we bought our first laser cutting machine.

This marked the beggining of a new era for us. We set ourselves to become even better and to distinguish ourselves from our competition even further by creating specific and exclusive products and case parts for the most popular cases on the market.

Ever since we began in 2005, it has always been our mission and our pride to offer the widest range of products to make sure that we would always have a solution for any problem our costumers might come across when assembling their systems. This same filosophy is, not only, still present today, but better yet, it's even Heightened, and we're always thinking of new things to offer you.
A lot of our products have already made their apprearence in forums all over the world and the feedback was like we expected/hoped, excelent. It took us a while to create this online store, but it's finally here, the place where we will gather all those products you've seen in one place, so that it will be easier to share our creations with everyone and have our products reach the four corners of the world.

Finally I'd like to welcome you and I really hope you enjoy our site.

See you soon,

coldzero shipping