Ssd Cover - Hyper Beast 3

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Getting our uv printer finally opened some doors we wished had been opened a long time ago. The "SSD era" has begun a while now, and there isn't a single pc enthusiast out there that doesn't have at least one ssd in his computer. So, with that in mind, we decided it was high time to give those drives a better look by creating our covers.


These will be made with the usual 3mm matt black plexi (can be done in other colors as well upon request) and will be secured with double sided tape to the SSD (not included)


There will be a wide variety of logos as standard options, but we can always make custom versions for you.


This SSD cover is Hyper Beast themed. If you wish to customize this cover, click on the "Product Customization" tab and then write down the changes you'd like to be made to it.


Due to it's thickness it may not fit cases with tight spaces, so keep that in mind when purchasing this cover.


Made with 3mm matt black plexi.

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