ColdZero Cable Combs - 5 Wires (cablemod)

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These Combs are specially made for Cablemod and other Paracord Cables/extensions, which have a smaller diameter wires. Optimal Wire Diameter is Ø2.5mm

For other extensions using PET Sleeving, we have a special version Labeled "PET Sleeving"


Many of you many not know or remember, but we were integrating these on TJ07 Motherboard trays back in 2011. It took us a long time to get onboard, but after a lot of testing here are at last the accessories that need to make your extensions straight.


Putting our high end laser machine to good use, we are able to create combs that won't widen the wires and you'll be able to have the same width of wires as they are inside the connectors, with the standard 4.2mm pitch.


We've also designed them to be very stealthy and not extend past the wire, since doing so will not add any value or funcion to the combs, and will make them more visible, when what is really want is the exact opposite.


Made with 3mm matt black plexi. Can be done in other colors by request.

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