Corsair 800D Psu Plate (Blank - Midplate)

19,90 €

A Clear psu plate for your 800D & 700D.


This part will let you cover the ugly 800D bottom compartment, so that the psu and its cables aren't visible from the side window.


This Version is blank, with no engravings or logos.


It can also be used to reinforce the midplate on both the 700 and 800D. When you place a radiator in the bottom of the case, you need to clear all the bottom metal plates, which also help the midplate stay in place and increase it's rigidity. If you remove them, the midplate will become flimsy, so this accessory will prevent that from happening.


Psu plate will cover all the bottom part of the case, from back to front.


This plate is designed to be assembled without any modifications to your case. Includes screws and Hex key. It's has also been designed to work with our new midplates.


Manufactured with Laser cut 3mm Matt black plexi.

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