760T Psu Shroud (Long)

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By popular demand, here they are at long last, the psu shrouds for the 760T. These are single piece bent plexi covers for your psu.


The Long version covers the psu area from the back of the case all the way to the front. it is required to remove the stock hdd cage.


This version has a rectangular cut-out for pci-e cable routing.


Our shroud has a mounting mechanism that allows you to fix it to the case. So you don't have to worry about damaging your components or the psu shroud, if you transport the case.

If you'd like to order a shroud without the rectangular cut, simply order this version and add a note during checkout, requesting that change.


Made with 3mm matt black plexi.


Package includes: Psu Shroud, Screws and hexx key.

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