1000D Motherboard Tray Cover (Extended) Mirror

    1000D Motherboard Tray Cover (Extended) Mirror

    Reference: CZ-1000D-08AMi

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    Since many of you didn't quite like the rubber grommets on the motherboard tray (we never did like those things) and wanted something cleaner, easier on the eyes, we created this cover. It will cover the whole motherboard tray, except for the area for an ATX motherboard.


    By Default this Tray cover allows you to have radiator and fans at the top up to 85mm thickness total. It was also made to be used together with the stock psu shroud, or our short psu shrouds.

    Extended version covers all the way to the bottom of the case, in front of the psu shroud.


    Made with 3mm mirror plexiglass.


    Package includes: Mb Tray cover & Mounting Accessories.

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