280x Mb Tray Cover (M-Atx)

    280x Mb Tray Cover (M-Atx)

    Reference: CZ-280x-03M

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    If you have a M-Atx Motherboard, there are still some holes on the motherboard tray what will not be closed, as well as rubber grommets partially visible. If you'd like to clean things up, then this Mb tray cover is exactly what you need.


    By Default it has cut-outs for 8pin ATX and top fans (top left) 24pin ATX & sata ports (center), front fans (mid right) and Pci-express power cables (bottom right)


    As usual, we can remove any of those holes if needed, and add others as well.


    Made with 3mm Plexiglass. Choose Color via drop-down menu.

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