460x Psu Shroud (Full length)

    460x Psu Shroud (Full length)

    Reference: CZ-460x-01


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    The best Psu Shrouds on the market. If you're searching for high quality psu shroud, you've come to the right place. Our psu shrouds quality is in a league of it's own. Perfect fit and bend because you deserve the best.


    You get a much simpler installation and a much faster ability to connect or disconnect your psu cables. It will also make your case look much cleaner.


    Full Length: Will cover all the bottom compartment of the case, front to back. You will have to remove the stock short psu shroud to install this one. which means drilling out some rivets.


    By default the Psu Shroud has a Cut-out for the front mounted fans, but if you'd like to use a radiator on the front as well, let us know and we'll extend the cut-out. You only have to add a simple note on the product customization, with something like "add a cut-out for X brand & model radiator" and we'll take care of the rest. .


    If you'd like to order a shroud without the rectangular cut, simply order this version and add on the "Customization Instructions"


    Made with 3mm plexiglass. Can be made in either matte black or matte white.


    Package includes: Psu Shroud.

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