760T Custom Hdd Cage

    760T Custom Hdd Cage

    Reference: CZ-760T-06

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    Custom Made Hdd Cage to fit under our Long Psu Shrouds, because the stock hdd cage won't fit there.


    Our cages are made from 3 separate pieces, and are joined together by the bottom Hdd.


    Made with 3mm Matt Black Plexiglass. Can also be made in others colors by request (like Matt or even Glossy White Plexiglass), at no extra cost


    Installation Instructions:

    1 - Screw the 4 metal standoff's on the bottom of the first hdd using rubber grommets from a plastic caddy.

    2 - Fix the Hdd to the bottom plexiglass plate using 4 Countersunk 6/32" Screws.

    3 - Fix the side panels to the bottom hdd. Don't tighten them fully as you will need to install the rest of the hdd's and it will be easier to slide them in.

    4 - Fix the rest of the hdd's on the side panels and finish tightening the bottom Hdd.

    5 - Fix the whole cage to the case from underneath using 4x M3 Countersunk screws.



    Package includes: Hdd Cage & Mounting Accessories.

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