780T Ssd Caddy Cover (Short Shroud) Standalone

    780T Ssd Caddy Cover (Short Shroud) Standalone

    Reference: CZ-780T-14

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    When we started making parts for the 780T we didn't like to see the ssd caddy area with all the cables visible, so we made this part to clean things up.


    Short Shroud Version: This Cover is meant to be used with our Short Shrouds. And it covers all the way from the bottom of the 5.25" bays to 


    Standalone Version: This version can be fixed directly to the stock motherboard tray. this version was created for people who won't be using our Motherboard Tray Covers, as the mounting points are different. If you have our Mb tray cover, choose the version "Mb Tray Version". If you have doubts about which version to choose, just send us a message, and we'll help you.


    Made with 3mm Matt Black Plexiglass. Can also be made in others colors by request (like Matt or even Glossy White Plexiglass), at no extra cost


    Package includes: Ssd Caddy Cover & Mounting Accessories.

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