Corsair 900D 5.25" Side Cover

900D 5.25" Side Cover (Rgb Logos)

Reference: CZ-900D-61
Brand Logo

After such a long wait, we finally perfected the way the logos are cut and illuminated, making the illumination module as thin as possible (almost half the thickness of older custom parts).


Logos are cut-out on the black plexi cover and the plexi inserts that give the logos their colors are inserted behind it, so they are recessed instead of being flush, which will result in:


- Better illumination. there's no light bleed between the inserts and the black plexi plate.

- There's no dimming on the thin areas of the logos, where the black plexi arround the plexi inserts would cause the colors to darken unevenly.

- Colors of the logos can be changed later on. If you purchase a side cover with a specific color scheme, you can later order just the color inserts and you can change them yourself with ease. If the plexi bits were inlayed, it would be virtually impossible to remove them without breaking the side cover.

- Not prone to breaking. Plexi inserts have to be tightly inserted and that can cause the plexi to crack over time. this way, that is avoided.


Logos are positioned so they can be fully visible through the side panel window.


These are the standard versions we have available, but we can make covers with other logos as well.


Made with 3mm matt black plexi. illumination is provided by an aRGB +5v Led Strip. supplied with Aura Sync Connector (+5v, Data, Gnd)


Package includes: Cover and Mounting Accessories.

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