900D 5.25" Side Cover (Single SSD Mount) Left

    900D 5.25" Side Cover (Single SSD Mount) Left

    Reference: CZ-900D-04

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    Cover designed to hide the retention mechanisms of the 5.25" bays that are visible through the side panel window. It will make that area look much cleaner.


    It also allows mounting of one 2,5" SSDs. Requires the use of 90º Sata cables and inline power Sata cables.


    Left Side Version has the cuts for the power and data Sata cables on the left side of the plate. The Cables will be visible through the window, but it may be required this way if you want the SSD Lettering/Logos on your SSD to be correctly oriented.


    This plate can only be mounted on the Window Side of the 5.25" Bays.


    Made with 3mm matte black plexiglass.


    Package includes: Side Cover and mounting accessories.

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