900D Front Bottom Grill (Hexx)

    900D Front Bottom Grill (Hexx)

    Reference: CZ-900-37

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    After a few almost successful attempts, we finally came up with this design, that will allow you to replace the stock non-ventilated front metal plate, with our grills, which will result in better temperatures inside your case.


    Since we need to remove the stock dust filter, the previous air vents now need to be closed to prevent unfiltered air from entering the case. For that purpose, we also supply two plexiglass covers and mounting screws with the Grill (please refer to the 3rd picture) You will need to remove the front frame of the case in order to assemble these covers.


    This version has a uniform Hexx pattern cut-out.


    Made with 3mm matte black plexiglass.


    Package includes: Front Bottom Grill, dust filter and mounting accessories.

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