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    900D Fullsize Motherboard Tray Cover

    Reference: CZ-900D-40

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    Attention: This plate requires a modification to your case that will be impossible to revert. You will need to cut the angled metal bracket of the tray where the hdd cages fix (as shown on the instruction manual)


    « Fullsize Mb Tray Cover Installation Manual »



    This plate will allow you to fix 2 Reservoirs or Res/Pump Combos to it. By removing the 5.25" bays as well as the hdd cages the whole length of the case will now be a flat surface. This plate will cover the tray area completely. From the backplate to the very front of the case.


    Based on what we've learnt from it smaller brother, this plate has 8 cable routing holes that will allow you to route all the cables you need.


    All cable routing holes have their own lid/cover, this way if you don't want a specific routing hole open, you can always close it with the supplied cover, keeping things nice and clean.


    To minimize waiting / shipping time, we decided to add four M4 threaded holes by default, for fixing 2 cylindrical reservoirs, like the ones from EK or Bitspower. This way we have a smaller number of variations, and will allow us to have them always in stock, which will allow us to ship your orders faster.


    By default, our Tray Covers are compatible with Atx Motherboards. They may not be compatible with Extended Atx motherboards that have a backplate. So if you have one such motherboard, just let us know which one, and we will make a custom version for you, with a wider cut-out to fit your motherboard.


    Made with 5mm Matt Black Plexi for extra sturdiness. Can also be made in Glossy White.

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