900D Midplate Short

    900D Midplate Short

    Reference: CZ-900D-16

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    This is probably one of the most requested part we've had in a while. This midplate will create a separation between the lower and the upper compartment, creating two different heat zones. This way, if you're water-cooling your computer no heat will rise from the radiator area into the hardware area.


    Short Midplate version will only cover the middle of the case from back to the 3.5" hdd cages.


    This part has multiple usages:

    Can be used with fill ports to route tubes to the lower compartment. Or have tubes routed directly through it.

    Allows pumps to be fixed on the midplate, leaving the bottom area clear for the radiators and tubes alone.


    Made with 3mm Matt Black Plexiglass. Can also be made in other colors at no extra cost.

    Package includes: Midplate, Screws, and hex key.


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