900D Motherboard Tray Cover

    900D Motherboard Tray Cover

    Reference: CZ-900D-21

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    Since many of you didn't quite like the rubber grommets on the motherboard tray (we never did like those things) and wanted something cleaner, easier on the eyes, we created this cover. It will cover the whole motherboard tray, except for the area for an ATX motherboard.


    This Motherboard tray cover is compatible with Atx and Extended Atx Motherboards.


    Compatible with our midplates as well as our lightboxes.


    By default all Mb Tray Covers have two M4 threaded holes for fixing reservoirs. If you'd like one without them, let us know and we'll make a customized item for you.


    All openings have removable lids. so if you don't want to use some of the holes, you can keep them closed.


    Made with 3mm matte black plexiglass. but can also be made in other colors.


    Package includes: Mb Tray cover & Mounting Accessories.


    Check this video to learn how to insert the Mb tray cover inside the case:

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