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    Air 540 Midplate (Color Logo)

    Reference: CZ-A540-01C
    Plexiglass Color


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    If you've never liked to have your bottom hdd's exposed, then this part is ideal for you. This midplate will cover the bottom area, for that clean look you've been after for so long.


    If you use regular thickness Hdd's, the midplate will rest over them, so it's recommended that you use two hdd's of the same thickness to keep the midplate leveled.


    Version with UV printed Color Logos. If you'd like a different logo from the ones shown, contact us.


    Our Midplates are compatible with a front mounted 360mm radiator, when the midplate sits on the metal brackets. If you use 3.5" Hdd's, the midplate will raise and it will be necessary to make a cut-out for the radiator on the front.


    Made with 3mm plexiglass, can be made in matte black or matte white.


    Package includes: Midplate

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