Be Quiet Dark Base 700 Front Grill (Dots)

    Be Quiet Dark Base 700 Front Grill (Dots)

    Reference: CZ-DB700-01D


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    Replacement Front Panel for the Dark Base 700 and 700 RGB with ventilation for improved airflow inside your case. Has Brushed texture like a lot of our parts.


    Mounting is done with Magnets, so that it easier to remove the front panel to clean the dust filter.


    By default it includes the Be quiet logo at the bottom. It can be replaced with a custom text, or removed completely.


    Just like many of our parts, this grill has a dust filter.

    *** Please keep in mind that our grills don't have any rgb led strips ***


    Made with 3mm Plexiglass. Can be either matte black or matte white.

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