Be Quiet Dark Base 900 Front Grill (Black)

Reference: CZ-DB900-03B

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Another part for this great case. This case is focused on silence but for those searching for maximum performance it can a bit of an underperformer. So to improve airflow, we designed these front panel grills that will replace the stock door and will allow you to improve your case airflow.


Just like many of our parts, this grill has a dust filter, and it will serve two purposes. one is the obvious dust guarding funtion, and the other is to hide the fans and internal dust filter of the case, which wouldn't look very well if seen through the Hexx Pattern of the Grill.


This grill was also designed to be easy to replace the front panel with. To Install it, you just need to remove two screws fixing the stock front door/panel and secure the new grill to those same two hinges. You will also need to transfer the two magnets to the new grill.


Made with 3mm Matt Black Plexiglass. Total thickness of the panel is 9mm


Package includes: Front Grill & Mounting accessories

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4 Reviews

Single-handedly solves the Ariflow-Problem of the otherwise grea

<br /> - Great quality and also includes one extra dust-filter as replacement.<br /> - As the Review-Titel says: airflow is very much improved!<br /> - The dust Filter is black, so don't be fooled by the pictures where it might appear to be gray.<br /> - Installation is pretty easy, but a one-page quick-install Guide might be useful nonetheless, because you can get confused which way you need to install it.<br /> - Delivery was fast, although it takes a while until it get's actually shipped. Which is to be expected with after-market Parts like these.<br /> <br /> - Some additions to the Product-Description:<br /> -- It does not have an anodized aluminum front-panel like the original door, it's 100% acrylic. So don't buy it if you want or expect that!<br /> -- It does not include the "opening-mechanism" of the original door, where you can "click" it open with a press of you finger.

Sven M, 15/10/2021

It arrived a week ago and I've just managed to install it. Looks great. High quality. My only minor issue is that the post man had managed to bend the panel. I've bent it back as best I can but it means the panel isn't 100% flush. Testing out my temps now, airflow is greatly improved.

David McCarthy, 20/12/2020
Surprised with the quality

<br /> It takes almost 3 weeks to arrive in Spain.<br /> The product is of quality, includes tool and screws to spare for its assembly and includes a replacement filter.<br /> <br /> I asked for it with the Be Quiet¡ logo, it has relief.<br /> <br /> I liked it a lot.<br /> <br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />

Jeremias D, 18/06/2020

Great product!. Good build quality and finish. Few points on the installation. Those elevated spots on back are for magnets so installed door would be at perfectly leveled. <br /> <br /> Door lacks (really understandable) originals push spring system. So closed door cannot be opened by pushing like original. However with one magnet in place optical drive is strong enough to open the door.<br /> <br /> Original door is not only solid, it's partially blocking sidevents too. So in terms of airflow, there's no contest between this and original door.

Esa, 31/01/2020

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