Lian-li created a great new case. They should have called it the V4000. There's very little similarities to the older V3000 case. This one is larger and far more versatile.

Of course no case it perfect and this one will also need some of our parts to really shine.

We have a few parts made for it (so far):

- Motherboard tray covers, to "clean" and level out all of that part of the case. if you'd like to add a distroplate or a couple of pump/res combos having all the cables running on the back hidden, as well as having a flat surface will make the reservoirs really stand-out.

- Midplates, these are simple and quite obvious. the stock plate is fully ventilated, but if you're after a complete separation between the two compartments, having a solid midplate will be better.

- Backplates, these obviously replate the stock part and are made for a specific version. either for vertical mounted gpu or horizontally monted one. The stock part allows both but the downside are extra cut-outs and covers where there could be a smoother / flatter surface.

- side grills, the stock grills don't have a massive ventilation opening. our grills improve vastly on that department. we also have multiple cut-out designs, and they leave no gap between them and the side panel glass.

More parts will surely come soon.

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