We are constantly analising our work and looking for ways to improve. One of the biggest obstacles for any long distance purchase as we all know, is the shipping costs.


So to solve that, we've decided to make a few important changes and offer free shipping under certain conditions.


Starting noew, All orders over 250€ have free shipping.


Another news is free shipping for small orders orders. As we all know, when shipping costs are almost the same price as the parts we want to purchase, that makes the purchase unattractive. So to solve once and for all, all orders over 12.90€ that include items from the following categories will be shipped for free:


- Gpu Backplates
- Sound card backplates
- Ssd covers
- Hdd covers
- Case badges
- Cable combs
- Vga Supports


These will be shipped with regular/registered mail.


Hope you enjoy these changes :)

coldzero shipping