At ColdZero we offer three ways to pay. Paypal, Credit Card (through paypal) and Bank Transfer.
The most popular and is Paypal. There really isn't much to be said about this service, other than it's secure and very fast. To pay with paypal, when you're checking out all you have to do is select paypal, and you'll be directed to their page. Log-in and confirm payment and you're done. This option will allow for faster shipping of your order.
Credit Card payments are also available, through paypal. You don't need an account, you can use the "guest account" option and input the card information on their secure website.
If you don't have a paypal account, you can always use bank transfer. It's equally as secure as Paypal. It will just take a bit longer (1~2 work days) for the money to arrive. Also, when you do this, it is also a good idea to send us a payment confirmation (most banks allow email notification, or .Pdf exports) so we can prepare the order while the money is on the way. That way, when the money arrives the order is already ready to ship to you.
* If you Get an error message from our website when using paypal as the prefered payment method, select bank wire instead to finish the order, then log-in onto paypal website and make the payment from there, refering the order number. According to Paypal this error can occour when an expired credit card associated to your Paypal account.
Paypal Account:
Bank Wire:
Nib (for Portuguese orders only) 0010 0000 02421430001 42
IBAN: PT50001000000242143000142

Bank Address:
Banco Bpi S.A
Rua Tenente Valadin 284
4100-476 Porto

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