Corsair 900D Lightbox (Fullsize Mb Tray Cover)

Reference: CZ-900D-27A
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Basically a "box" of plexi with leds inside which will illuminate your hardware from the bottom up, above the psu/radiators level.


Our lightboxes have a set of unique features:

- Cnc Machined from a solid 15mm plexi plate.

- Lightbox outter shell is now black, which will look better with pretty much everyone's cases.

- Led Strips now have white pcb, for better light reflection

- Two led colors as an option. White and RGB. RGB Version includes controller with remote control.

- There is very little light leakage from the bottom.

- Contours are much smoother. There are no sharp edges and no glue lines, where you can see the "separation line" of the parts glued together.

- Strutural rigity has been improved. Two parts glued together (bottom and side walls) will never be as strong as a single piece shell.

- All dimensions are more precise.

- Extremely high light output. This lightbox has a led strip that countours all around the lightbox and is more than 1,5 Meters long. Please check if your motherboard/fan controller can output 16w that the led strip require.

- Open design. It means that if you want to drill holes for cable / tube routing or for fixing a pump to it, you can do it, plate by plate. The lightbox is made of 3 components, the Bottom shell, made from a solid black plate, an 8mm thick clear plexi plate with a cross pattern engraved into it, which spreads the light evenly across the whole lightbox, and the top plate which is a white, light permeable plexi plate. 


Fullsize Mb Tray Cover Version -> This version is specially made to be used exclusively with our Fullsize Mb Tray Covers and is not compatible with the stock case.


Lightbox thickness: 16mm

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