Corsair 900D Lightbox (Short)

Reference: CZ-900D-26
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New Revision for 2019. The RGB Version of the Lightboxes now use Adddressable RGB Led strips (5v), instead of the regular (12v) we used before. It also includes an adapter for Aura sync and similar Motherboard Headers (Check pictures)


Basically a "box" of plexi with leds inside which will illuminate your hardware from the bottom up, above the psu/radiators level.


Our lightboxes have a set of unique features:

- Cnc Machined from a solid plexi plate.

- Lightbox outter shell is now black, which will look better with pretty much everyone's cases.

- Led Strips now have white pcb, for better light reflection

- Two led colors as an option. White and RGB. RGB Version includes controller with remote control.

- There is very little light leakage from the bottom.

- Contours are much smoother. There are no sharp edges and no glue lines, where you can see the "separation line" of the parts glued together.

- Strutural rigity has been improved. Two parts glued together (bottom and side walls) will never be as strong as a single piece shell.

- All dimensions are more precise.

- Aura sync (and similar technologies) compatible.

- Extremely high light output. This lightbox has a led strip that countours all around the lightbox and is more than 1,2 Meters long. Please check if your motherboard/fan controller can output 12w that the led strip require.

- Open design. It means that if you want to drill holes for cable / tube routing or for fixing a pump to it, you can do it, plate by plate. The lightbox is made of 3 components, the Bottom shell, made from a solid black plate, a thick clear plexi plate with a cross pattern engraved into it, which spreads the light evenly across the whole lightbox, and the top plate which is a white, light permeable plexi plate. 


Short Version -> This version will only cover from the back of the case to the Hdd cages. So if you want to keep the hdd cages, this is the version to get.


Lightbox thickness: 16mm

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