Corsair 900D Side Panel Window

Reference: CZ-900D-52

Replacement window for your 900D Side Panel. This window is made with high quality clear cast plexi and since it's much thicker than the standard part, it will also re-inforce the side panel, giving it a very nice sturdy feeling.


Window is laser cut and then milled on the outer edge to fit flush with the side panel, like the original one.


Since it's a much higher quality material, it is also more scratch resistant than the original window, and doesn't have that grey tint.


Made with 6mm clear plexi.


Package includes: Replacement Side Panel window, black screws and hexx key. (Stock Side Panel NOT included)

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Awesome Part

Quality much better than the original including 2 extra screws, fast shipping with tracking, good packaging and fair price. Definitely order here again!<br /> Guido Nowatzki<br /> Germany

Guido N, 08/11/2018

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