Corsair Air 540 Replacement Side Panel Window

Reference: CZ-A540-04

There are a few problems with the stock window. It has a grey tint which a lot of people dislike. It's not very sturdy, making your side panel wobble and squeak. It scratches easily. Doesn't let a lot of light through and is known to bow badly over time.


So to solve all these problems we decided to create a high quality replacement part. Our Windows are made from high quality cast plexi which is far clearer and doesn't scratch as easily as the original one. Since our windows are thicker they will also stabilize the side panel, which will make it feel very solid. You will also not see a "frame" arround the metal edge of the side panel like the original has. Instead you will just see a clean window, with cnc recessed edges for a complete flush assembly.


Our Replacement Side Panel Windows are compatible with both our Midplates as well as our Lightboxes.


Made with 6mm Clear Plexiglass.


Package includes: Replacement Side Panel Window. Keep in mind that It does NOT include the metal frame.

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3 Reviews

The most important part of your Air 540

This panel is so vastly superior to the tinted and flimsy acrylic panel standard in the Air 540. I was skeptical if I would feel this panel worth it's price, but I can assure you my doubts were unfounded. For anyone investing money in LED fans/lighting strips, color coordinated cables/components and general case aesthetics, don't skip out on this, it makes all of that fluff worthwhile. Totally crystal clear and easy to install, mine has even survived multiple moves unscathed (be careful though).

Tyler, 05/06/2021
nice look to case

alot better than the standard smoked screen, fitted almost perfectly just had to make small adjustment to top of metal frame

Kevin Lewis, 07/01/2021

I purchased this to replace my old side panel window for the 540. It is much clearer and heftier as said in the description and definitely lets the light shine out much more. The only small issue I had with it was it scratched after just one clean using some proper Novus plastic cleaner and cloths I had expected it to stand up a little better really.

Michael Coombes, 30/04/2019

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