Custom Gpu Backplate (Corsair v2)

Reference: CZ-BKTM-087

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This version of backplates started out as a custom request, and when the new store launched we decided to make them available for Everyone.


These themed backplates are a collection of designs we've created which can be used on a backplate for any gpu model. Instead of having specific backplate models/designs for each card, which would limit our customer's choices, we have many different layouts/designs that are not gpu model/brand dependent.


Just like our more standard backplate versions, we have two fixing methods/mechanisms to choose from, screws and magnets.


As usual, these backplates are uv printed. It's a high-end process in which the images/logos/text are printed directly on the surface of the backplate. This technique will give you the best quality possible that simply cannot be reproduced with inlaying or dual layered backplates.


It wouldn't be a ColdZero product if we didn't offer customizations. As always you can customize these backplate. You can add or remove texts/logos as well as their colors. To do that, use the "Customization Notes" field above.


Backplates are made with either 3mm Matt Black or Glossy White Plexiglass. Can be done in other colors by request.


Please Note that the shape of the backplate shown is just an example. It will have the same shape as the model specific backplates we have in our store.


Package includes: Backplate and mouting mechanism (either screws and spacers or magnets, depending on your choice)


Keep in mind that improper installation of the magnetic version can lead to short-circuit of your card. So we recomend that you power down your system before installing the backplate. Make sure that the magnets are only touching the screws heads and not any card components before powering your system back up.



Frequently Asked Questions:


Will it prevent sag?

- No, it will not. For that specific purpose we have our gpu braces / supports.


Is it hard to assemble?
- No. If you chose magnets, you only have to power down your system, place the backplate over your card and power the system back up.

- If you chose screws, you will need to remove the card from your case and fix the backplate to the card. shouldn't take you more than 5~10 minutes to do it.


Will it be necessary to remove the Stock Cooler and/or Stock Backplate?
- With magnets - NO
- With Screws - Depends on the gpu model.


Does it include screws / magnets needed to assemble the backplate?
- Yes it includes all the necessary mounting hardware to fix the backplate on your card, based on the option you chose (screws or magnets). The magnetic version is supplied with magnets pre-installed.


Is it Sli Compatible?
- Since there's very little people using sli systems these days, we decided NOT to make our backplates with sli bridge cut-out by default, which would partly change the aspect of the logos/lines of the backplate. However, should you require your backplate(s) to have an sli cut-out, just add a note on the product customization tab.

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