Custom Rgb Gpu Backplate (Idolmaster)

Reference: CZ-BKIL-005

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If you're looking for the highest quality Rgb Gpu Backplates on the market, this is the right place to get them. We can create the most intricate designs and guarantee even lightning across the whole backplate.


Our Rgb Gpu Backplates are very sturdy and won't wobble when you install them. They are fixed with magnets, for a cleaner top surface, which are pre-installed for a hassle-free installation. The whole process won't take you more than 30 seconds.


Our Rgb Backplates can be used on stock-cooled graphics cards with or without stock backplate or even on watercooled cards.



We have two options for the illumination of the backplates:


- White Led strip (12 volt), which is supplied with a standard 3-pin fan connector.


- Addressable Rgb Led Strip (5 volt), which is supplied with a 3-pin JST Connector, by default. It is also supplied with an addressable rgb controller with an RF remote control. Instead of this connector, we can supply the led strip with a different connector so you can power and control the lighting effects on your motherboard or standalone addressable rgb controller.


If you purchase the backplate with the standard connector and Rgb Controller, and later on purchase a compatible motherboard or standalone addressable Rgb Controller, you can purchase an adapter cable to connect the backplate to them.


As usual, our Rgb backplates can be customized, so if you'd like to make changes to the colors, add a note on the "Customization Notes" field above.


When ordering, let us know which graphics card model you've got.


Check the sample images we have as well this youtube video. We will add more samples soon.

3 Reviews

Thanks heaps!

Thank you so much for making this and the fan grills. It looks amazing in my computer., 26/08/2018

dude 1 pieace of 6mm plexi glass and u will backside uv print ???!!!!! are u serious?

nariman, 16/07/2018

Excellent finish and LED light intensity.<br /> It is a satisfactory product.<br /> I'm going to order another illustration.<br /> <br />

Hyeonbeen K, 31/05/2018

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