Fan Grill 420mm (Rog 2D)

    Fan Grill 420mm (Rog 2D)

    Reference: CZ-42SL-ROG2D

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    Welcome to our renewed Fan Grill section. After 6 years of making these grills, we've decided to add new patterns and tweak some old ones to have a better and wider range of patterns to choose from. 


    This version has a small UV printed logo in the center of the grill. The Logos can be rotated 90º Degrees, if you prefer to have them in a different orientation.


    All our fan grills have are chamfered fan holes by default, and they are always shipped with fan screws. There's even a choice of colors to chose from (and we can even make more in more colors)


    Grill dimensions: 420 x 140 mm. Made with 3mm Plexiglass


    Package contains: Fan Grill and Screws. Black Fan Grill is supplied with Black screws, White Grill is supplied with Silver screws (can be supplied with black ones instead. just write a customization note requesting it)

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