Fan Grill (Heroes of the storm)

    Fan Grill (Heroes of the storm)

    Reference: CZ-GRL-07

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    Welcome to the most recent fan grill versions we've created. A lot of people all over the world have asked us for fan grills with huge colored logos. This is our answer.

    Since not everyone uses the same fan brand, and each fan has it's own shape these days, we're offering the possibility of having the grills match the shape of your fans, so they don't seem out of place. If you can't find one for your fan, let us know and we'll add it to the selection.


    Laser Cut 3mm Matt Plexiglass. Either matte black or matte white. We can also make them in other colors upon request at no extra charge (contact us for a list of available colors)


    Grill Dimensions: 120 x 120 mm or 140 x 140 mm


    Package includes: Fan Grill and 4x Fan Screws. Black Fan Grill is supplied with Black screws, White Grill is supplied with Silver screws (can be supplied with black ones instead. just write a customization note requesting it)

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