Frequently Asked Questions About Gpu Backplates:


Will they have any effect on temperatures?
No, they won't. They will not increase or lower your graphics card temperatures. It's a bit of a myth really, and let us tell you why.
- Metal backplates will not help dissipate heat that much (or any at all) because they are usually not in contact with the graphics card.
- Heat is generated by the Gpu, Ram and Mosfets, on the front side of the pcb and dissipated on that same side as well. So for the heat to be dissipated through the backside of the card, it would need to go through the pcb first. Do you know how much heat does go through the pcb? less than 5%

- In order to prevent short circuits, the stock metal backplates are protected with a plastic film from the inside, which insolates the backplate and negates any "benefits" of the backplate being made from aluminium in the first place.

- The definitive proof comes from the manufacturers themselves. A lot of graphics cards are now shipping with stock plastic backplates. If they interfered with temperatures, brands would simply not use them.


Will they prevent sag?
No. To solve that problem you will need a Gpu Support Bracket. You can check them out here...


Are they easy to Assemble?
- Yes. If you chose magnets, you only have to power down your system, place the backplate over your card and power the system back up.
- If you chose screws, you will need to remove the card from your case and fix the backplate to the card. shouldn't take you more than 15~30 minutes to do it.

You can check our videos of the installation of the screws version:


Will it be Necessary to Remove the Stock Cooler?
- With magnets: NO.
- With Screws: It depends on the card.

-> If the card doesn't have a stock backplate, then no, you won't need to remove the cooler. At most you will need to remove a few stock screws and replace them with the longer ones we ship with the backplate so that the backplate can be screwed together with the cooler.

-> If the card has a stock backplate, then yes, you will most likely need to remove the stock cooler, as some of the backplates are fixed from the front side of the pcb and in order to reach the screws you need to remove the stock cooler first.

In which situations would you use a magnetic version backplate?
When you don't want to "mess with the card" in any way. With magnets you don't need to remove or replace any screws at all.

In which situations would you use a screw version backplate?
When you card doesn't have a stock backplate and you don't mind replacing some of the screws. The fixing method is superior and the backplate will never slide or move even during transportation.
Also, when you watercool your card, the best solution is, in our opinion, to use a screw version backplate.

Does it include screws / magnets needed to assemble the backplate?
- Yes it includes all the necessary mounting hardware to fix the backplate on your card, based on the fixing method you chose (screws or magnets). In the magnetic version, the magnets are pre-installed on the backplate.

How are our backplates made?
Our Backplates are made with 3mm High Quality Plexiglass. They are Laser Cut and the logos are UV Printed. It's a High-End process in which the images/logos/text are printed directly on the surface of the backplate.

Why do we ask what motherboard you've got?
So that we can check for any compatibility issues. In case your motherboard has the top Pci-e slot very close to the I/O connectors or the ram slots and the backplate needs a little cut-out not to interfere with them.