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    Fractal Design Focus G Mini Psu Shroud (Long)

    Reference: CZ-FCSGM-02

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    After so many requests we decided to create these very sought after parts. These covers sit over your psu shroud and hide all the wires from sight, giving your case a much cleaner look.


    Long Version: Will cover all of the bottom compartment, from back to front of the case. 



    Pci-Express cables routing hole: By default this cover has a rectangular hole for Routing your Gpu Power Cables. if you require one without the hole, just add a note on the "Customization Instructions" field above.


    Hole is small enough not to need a rubber grommet which would take away some of the clean looks this shroud provides. Hole allows routing of 2x 8 pin Pci-e cables with cable combs.


    Should you require a psu shroud with a larger hole, be sure to let us know by adding a note on the "Customization Instructions" field.


    By Default the Psu Shroud covers the whole front of the case without any space for fans or radiator. So if you're using a front mounted radiator, let us know which make and model as well as fans you're using so we can make the cut-out for you :)



    Made with 3mm.


    Package includes: Psu Shroud & Mounting Accessories.

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