Gpu Support Bracket (Zotac Gaming) Rev.2

    Gpu Support Bracket (Zotac Gaming) Rev.2

    Reference: CZ-SPT-010


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    We decided it was time to redesign our Gpu Support Brackets. with the increase in weight in the graphics cards recently, we had to beef-up the Brackets to keep them up to the task they were designed for.

    Our Gpu support brackets work well with narrower cards as well as wider cards too. We've included a 20mm spacer block to move the bracket closer to the edge of the card so that it can support the weight of the card better.


    « Gpu Support Brackets Rev.2 Installation Manual »


    For your convenience, we've grouped all the versions into a single item to make the browsing and selection process faster and simpler. We are going to have two different sizes, in two different colors.


    *** The color of the logo can be customized *** 


    - The Long version is 310mm in length.

    - The Short version is 250mm in length.


    Made with 5mm Thick Plexiglass. Either Matte Black or Matte White.

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