Sata Conector T-Line (End of Line) - Red

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For better cable management.


T-line Conector for are the best connectors for the perfect wire management. Instead of having the cables loop through the back of the connector, they pass through it in a strait line, minimizing the amount of cable needed while improving visual aspect and aiflow inside the case.


These connectors don't require extra pins, they are already provided inside the connector. To crimp the wire on these connectors all you need is a screwdriver to push the wire against the blades of the pins. This procedure will cut the wire insulation and make contact between the pin and the wire.


There are two versions of these connectors. The Pass through version which is used as first or middle connection as it allows the wire to pass through the connector and continue on to the next. There's also The end of Line version, which as the name indicates is used on the end of a line of connectors, finishing the circuit and covering the wires ends. For better clarification, please refer to the pictures above.


Price per 1 (one) set of connector and lid.

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