Front Panel Connector 2x10 - Black

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Front Panel and Usb Connectors.


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High Quality 2x10 Front Panel connector. Usefull to join all F. Panel Wires in just one plug. Asus Suplies their motherboards with an uggly White Q Connector, that still requires you to connect all your F. Fanel wires on top of it. with this connector, you cut the "middle man" and all you end up with is a very slick black connector that you can plug directly to your motherboard for the ultimate clean look. Never again will you have to search your Instruction manual to connect the F. panel wires. Usable in most motherboards like Asus, Asrock and Gigabyte.


Pins: Front Panel, Usb, F.wire, Audio Pins.

Price per one connector.

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