ColdZero Sleeving 3mm - UV Blue

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High Quality Sleeving for your traditional sleeving jobs.


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High quality (3x3 strand) sleeving for individual cable sleeving. With this sleeving you can sleeve your psu wires, a set of 3 or 4 fan wires, or even your Front Panel wires. Resulting in a 100% covered look.

Our sleeving was designed to facilitate the sleeving job, so it will require less force (traction) than equivalent products, to remain 100% stretched and round (very important when sleeving a fixed cables psu) and the "flat tab with the wire inside slightly visible" look will be very unlikely. It is also more resistant to flame, which is also very important to all of you using a lighter to shrink your heatshrink, or to seal the sleeving to prevent it from fraying.

We don't make claims like having the best or most popular sleeving in the world, because popularity alone means nothing and doesn't guaranty results (seeing a cool sleeving job doesn't mean that if you use the same products you will achieve the same results), as for "the best", it's very relative, because in the end it all comes down to what product allows to get the best results with the amount of experience you have, specially if you're new to sleeving.


Our Sleeving is UV reactive.


To apply this sleeving you require 6mm heatshrink, sold separately here...

*Price per meter

** Sleeving is supplied in one piece only (unless for very big lenghts like 20+ meters)

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