ColdZero Sleeving 2mm - Black

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Sleeving for getting that "Heatshrinkless" look.


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Here's something a little diferent. All of you have been using sleeving and heatshrink for your extensions, but what if you could use only sleeving? Well... now you can with coldzero's 2mm sleeving.

The benefits?? Cheaper, consistently better results and above all, looks a million times better.

Unlike bitfenix extentions that uses cloth like sleeving, you can use real sleeving to make your extensions of modular psu cables that will look better than anything else on the market at a very affordable price.

If you have a fixed cable psu, than this product is not going to suite you. But if you have an 100% modular psu, than you ought to give it the treat it deserves.

You're probably wondering "Yeah.. but how do I do it?" it's a very simple process, actually.

We had this very small diameter sleeving made to fit the wire tightly, so that you won't have to stretch it for your wire to look round after you apply it. Second part is, you crimp everything together this way, the sleeving will never get out of it's place, allowing the wire to show. It is also possible to apply the sleeving separately, of course. So even if your crimping tool does not allow you to crimp everything together, you can still get that clean look, at the expense of a little more work to insert the cables is the connectors.

It's recommended that you use wire of the same color (or the most approximate possible) as the sleeving to get the best visual results possible.

This is a produtct for the expert modders, if you only work with 100% modular psu's and like to make your own, custom sized extensions, like i do, than this is the product you've been waiting for to improve your modding projects even further.


*Price per meter

** Sleeving is supplied in one piece only (unless for very big lenghts like 20+ meters)

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