Lian-Li Pc-O11 Dynamic Front Grill (Lines)

Reference: CZ-PCO11DYN-03A

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Plexiglass Color

When we first looked at the case we said "this case needs a front grill to improve aiflow, so we got to work and developed this awesome accessory. This Grill uses the know-how we acquired with our magnetic version Gpu Backplates, and allows for a hassle free swap of the dust filter.


Yes, that's right, this panel is vented and also includes a dust filter (it would be a pretty flawed product if it didn't have one) and replacing is as simple as 1-2-3. Just pull out the front grill that is held in place magnetically and swap out the filter, then put the grill back. You don't even have to power down your PC.


Another great feature this grill has, is fan mounts for 3x 120mm fans. Because the Grill it self is magnetic and removable, there's a fixed structure where the fans will be fixed to, and will not interfere with the dust filter swap procedure.


Made with 3mm Matt Black plexiglass. (Can be made in white, glossy or matt at no extra cost)


Package includes: Front Grill, 2 Dust filters, fan screws (for 3 fans) and mounting accessories.

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Good, could be great

This replacement front panel feels very sturdy (considering it's made of plastic) and is perfectly capable of supporting fans and a radiator, but has too many rough edges to recommend it.<br /> <br /> To start off there are no installation instructions included; you need to refer to a series of images on the product page. The included mesh filter was too large and I had to trim it with scissors to make it fit in the front panel cutout.<br /> <br /> But the worst aspect is that this mesh has no way to be affixed to the front panel, which means that trying to use the magnets to attach the front panel to the case becomes a nightmare of cursing "oh the mesh slipped out again, let me reposition and reinstall it and try again" - repeat at least 10 times. A far better solution would be to include a magnetised filter, like the ones shipped with the case, and embed metal strips into the panel that would allow the filter's magnets to attach. I appreciate that this refinement would likely increase the price of this panel, but it would be a super worthwhile quality-of-life improvement.<br /> <br /> is loose, unlike the magnetised filters provided with the stock case. This means there's no wayb to secure

Ian Kemp, 21/01/2022
Pc-O11 Dynamic Front Grill


Kappa_81, 28/01/2021

How do u change colors?

Andreas L, 25/01/2020

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