Lian-Li Pc-V3000 Plus Backplate (ATX Standard)

    Lian-Li Pc-V3000 Plus Backplate (ATX Standard)

    Reference: CZ-V3000P-03

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    Lian-Li Created a kick-ass case, will lots of customization possibilities. The stock backplate allows the use in several different positions, but at the expense of extra cut-outs that may be unnecessary if you're going to use the case in a particular orientation.

    What is the purpose of this plate? well, because the stock backplate doubles as a midplate for rotated atx, some compromises have to be made, meaning more holes and partial covers that don't make the case look 100% clean. If you are picky about your case, than this part is for you :)


    This version was made specifically for ATX Orientation with horizontally mounted GPU.


    Made with 3mm Plexiglass. It can be either Matte White, Matte Black, or Mirrored Plexiglass.


    Included in the package: V3000 Backplate.



    Matte white plexiglass is only matte on one side, which is the side facing the inside of the case.

    Mirror Plexiglass is only mirrored on one side (just like any regular mirror) the other side is light grey (matte)

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