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    Lian-Li Pc-V3000 Plus Lightbox

    Reference: CZ-V3000P-02

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    A Lightbox as the name implies, is a "box" with leds inside that illuminates hardware from the bottom up.


    Lightbox is +5volt powered and uses 60 Led/meter Strips. You can change the light effects with the remote controller or with your motherboard software.

    They are also compatible with +5v, D, Gnd Headers, to use it with any compatible motherboard, you will only need to use the included adapter cable.

    A +5v Addressable RGB controller with remote control, and a motherboard adapter cable are also included.


    Keep in mind that our lightboxes are not compatible with the older +12v headers. Don't use any 3 to 4 pin adapters or you will damage the led strip.


    Lightbox thickness is 12mm.

    Included in the package: V3000 Plus Lightbox, Addressable RGB Controller and Motherboard Adapter Cable.

    This lightbox is for the new V3000 Plus case. it's not compatible with the older V3000 case.

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