Lian-Li Pc-V3000 Plus MB Tray Cover (ATX)

    Lian-Li Pc-V3000 Plus MB Tray Cover (ATX)

    Reference: CZ-V3000P-07A

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    Lian-Li created a kick-ass case, will lots of customization possibilities. The Motherboard tray area is quite messy and filled with holes. Many of them we consider unnecessary, and for any high-end project, you may want to clean things up a notch. This part is fully customizable, and we can change, add or remove routing holes to match your hardware/needs. Cable routing holes are supplied with covers, and can be kept covered if you don't need them.


    This version is compatible only with ATX Orientation. (We have another version for Rotated Orientation) 


    Made with 3mm Plexiglass. It can be either Matte White, Matte Black, or Mirrored Plexiglass.


    Included in the package: V3000 Plus Motherboard Tray Cover and mounting accessories.

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