Lian-Li Pc-V3000 Plus Midplate (Rotated Vertical Mount)

    Lian-Li Pc-V3000 Plus Midplate (Rotated Vertical Mount)

    Reference: CZ-V3000P-06D

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    Lian-Li Created a kick-ass case, will lots of customization possibilities. The Stock Midplate only covers part of the middle compartment. When you use your case in rotated orientation the stock backplate (that becomes your midplate) you probably want something without a fan in a place that is only going to move air rather than improve cooling performance.


    This version was made specifically for Rotated Orientation with Vertically mounted GPU Bracket, which will make the gpu upright facing the side panel. It doesn't have a fan cut-out. It can have a routing hole for pci-e cables or not (use the drop-down menu above)

    The front part of the midplate is separated from the rear end for easier installation.


    Made with 3mm Plexiglass. It can be either Matte White, Matte Black, or Mirrored Plexiglass.


    Included in the package: V3000 Plus Midplate and mounting accessories.

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