Corsair 760T Lightbox

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Illuminate your hardware from the bottom up.

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Based on everything we've learned about lightboxes, this new lightbox for the 760T starts from a very high standard. 


Lightbox is supplied with two top covers. one to use with our motherboard tray covers and another to use without it. This way you're always covered.


This lightbox has a huge number of features:


- Cnc Machined from a solid 15mm plexi plate.

- Black outter shell. Will look better with pretty much everyone's cases.

- Has leds all arround the lightbox, so more luminous power.

- There is very little to no light leakage from the bottom.

- Contours are very smooth. There are no sharp edges or glue lines, where you can see the "separation line" of the parts glued together.

- High strutural rigity. Two parts glued together (bottom and side walls) will never be as strong as a single piece shell.

- Dimensions are very precise.


- RGB version includes RGB Controller, is Aura Compatible and uses the standard 4 pin RGB connector.

- White Led version uses a 3 pin fan connector.


*** Since you always require a psu plate to get complete coverage, it is included in the package.

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