NZXT H710i Top Grill (Dots)

Reference: CZ-H710-04T

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Plexiglass Color

Would you like to improve the airflow of your case? Now you can do that with our front Front Panel Grills. Compatible with both NZXT H710i & H710.


It has Dots Pattern Cut-out (can be changed to another of your choosing, but some patterns may have a small extra fee)


This grill was designed to be installed on the case without any modifications to the case.

Due to the shape of the stock front plate, the top grill will overlap with it. So it's highly recomended that you get both the front and top grills. If you only want the top grill, then we can make a custom version for you 9mm shorter so it can fit with the stock front plate.


Made with 3mm plexiglass.

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3 Reviews

Amazing solution for this case

I have the NZXT H710 for a while now. I discovered that this case is not the best in terms of airflow. First I wanted to buy a new case, but then I found this site. I ordered the NZXT H710i Front Grill (Dots) & NZXT H710i Top Grill (Dots). Within 3 days it got delivered and I'm overall very pleased with these new top and front panel. They are very easy to install and to remove and the temps of both gpu and cpu are lower now. Its a shame that NZXT never implemented this on their cases(exept on the H510 flow). Thanks to Coldzero for these amazing products!

Nick, 26/12/2021
Product is well made and worth the price

Soo normally I wouldn't write a product review, but since this is a very well made aftermarket product, this one deserves it.<br /> <br /> Delivery took longer than I expected it, from order to arrival it took 13 days. I asked customer support, got the answer the next day: since they are not bought everyday, they are custom made every time someone orders it. The day after I got this answer, they shipped.<br /> <br /> Build quality is, for an aftermarket product, very good. I think its like a plastic material but very high quality. Not quite the quality of the original covers, but you cant really expect that.<br /> <br /> They are not attached with these 'claws' like the original cover, but with 12 magnets and its a pretty solid hold.<br /> <br /> I fear I will break them one day since they are not made from metal, but that would be my fault.<br /> <br /> Of course I bought 2, one for front and one for top and my temps are down about 10 degrees for cpu and gpu with AIO which is worth it in my opinion.<br /> <br /> Are they worth 2x 40 EUR? Meh its pretty expensive but 1. you don't have to buy them, you can just buy a case with better airflow and worse optics and 2. since this is, again, an aftermarket product with high build quality that is custom made every time, I think the price is ok.<br /> <br /> I will copy this comment and post it for the matching other cover. Thank you for coming to my TED Talk

Mark S, 19/10/2021
Great quality.

Can't believe how high quality these parts are. Great finish for both grills, not to mention a drop in temperatures of 10ºC

Oliver F, 01/06/2021

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