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    NZXT H9 Elite Top Grill (Dots)

    Reference: CZ-H9-01
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    Nzxt Launched the new H9 series and after a few requests for parts, we just had to make them. While the H9 Elite allows you to see the fans, it doesn't allow hot air to exhaust freely. for this problem, we created our top grills.

    Our Grills include dust filter by default, but they can be removed if you'd like to view your rgb fans in all it's glory and have much better airflow than with the stock glass.


    Our Top Grills are fixed with magnets. 


    The Grill is compatible with all versions of the case, H9 Elite and H9 Flow.


    This grill is made similarly to the stock one. The top is made from clear plexiglass and is painted on the back/under side to keep the same glossy finish, and the ventilation area is left clear for visualization of the fans.


    Made with 3mm Plexiglass. Can be made white or black background. The Grill has GLOSSY finish, like the original glass.


    Package includes: Top Grill and 2 dust filters.


    Installation Manual: NZXT H9 Top Grill (Instruction Manual)

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